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The Rules of Procedure
Functions of the Co-ordinator
Political Leadership
Distribution of Meeting Documents
Composition of GHEITI Standing sub-Committees
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11.     Political Leadership

The Minister of Finance shall provide political leadership for the Ghana EITI.  He will be assisted by the Ministers of Lands and Natural Resources and the Minister of Petroleum.

12.     Co-Chairpersons

The MSG shall elect from among its members Co-Chairpersons who shall hold office for a period to be determined by the MSG but no more than the tenure of office of such members.

The first Co-Chair shall be the representative of the Ministry.

There shall be a second Co-Chairperson elected in turns from among Civil Society and Extractive Industry representatives.

13.     Meetings and Decisions of the MSG

  • The MSG shall meet at least once in every three months for the dispatch of business at such times and places as it may determine.
  • At every meeting of the MSG, the Chair or in his or her absence, the Co-chair shall chair.
  • The Secretariat shall convene meetings upon the advice of the Chair, or in his or her absence, the Co-Chair of the MSG.
  • In the absence of the Chairperson and the Co-chairperson a member appointed by the members from among themselves shall preside over the meeting. The meeting in such instance shall be convened by the Secretariat in consultation with each constituency represented on the Committee.
  • The MSG shall endeavour to take its decisions by consensus.
  • Where the MSG fails for any reason to reach a consensus on any matter, such matter shall be determined by a simple majority of the votes of members present and in the event of an equality of votes, the person presiding shall have a casting vote.
  • Where decisions of the MSG are to be made by vote, each constituency, to wit; Government, Industry and Civil Society shall have one vote.
  • The MSG may at any time co-opt any person to act as an advisor at any of its meetings but no person so co-opted shall be entitled to vote at any meeting.
  • The validity of the proceedings of the MSG shall not be affected by the absence of any member, vacancy among its membership or by any defect in the appointment of any of the members.
  • The quorum of the MSG at any meeting shall be two-thirds of its members. The quorum should include representation from all three stakeholders represented on the MSG.
  • Members of the MSG shall be paid such allowances as the Minister shall determine in accordance with the rules governing the Public Services.

14.     Mode of meetings

Meetings may be held as follows:

Physically present at the location e.g. conference room; or technology mediated e.g. telephone, Skype or video conferencing.

15.     Invitation to Meetings

Invitation to meetings can either be by a written letter or an e-mail.

16.     Ordinary meetings

  • The chairperson shall convene meetings of the Committee.
  • All meetings shall be called using a notice and agenda.
  • Any three members may request the chairperson to convene an emergency meeting of the committee to discuss a specific issue or issues of urgent nature.
  • When the chairperson receives the request, he shall convene the meeting accordingly, to be held on a date agreed on by most members.

17.     Emergency Meetings

An emergency meeting may be called by the chair as and when necessary. The emergency meeting shall discuss only issues giving rise to the calling of the meeting.

18.     Meeting Agenda

The MSG has sole authority over its agenda and exercises this through the Chairperson. Any member may at a meeting, request the addition of an item to the agenda.

The agenda shall list the items to be discussed at that particular meeting.

19.     Meeting Attendance

Members shall endeavour to attend all meetings and to prepare adequately for each meeting. Members shall participate fully, frankly and constructively in Committee discussions and other activities and to bring the benefit of their particular knowledge, skill and abilities to the meeting.

Members are also expected to attend:

  • Sensitisation and dissemination workshops
  • Sub-Committee Meetings and
  • All other meetings that may be duly convened

A member who is unable to attend a meeting shall inform the Coordinator of his or her inability to attend, and this shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.


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